Amy Henderson - Eclectic Folk Rock




by Amy Henderson

Released 2018
Released 2018
"MAY" has been described as "Amy Ray meets Paul McCartney." Amy Henderson's compositions are catchy, melodic, smart and honest and are all enriched by her soulful, smoky voice and satisfying harmonies.
Originally hailing from the Deep South of Atlanta(East Point) and Gainesville, Georgia and now making her home base in Richmond, VA - Amy Henderson has been entertaining crowds up and down the East Coast for years with her buoyant and soulful Indie folk rock. Her music encompasses many styles - from gritty Americana, to alternative folk to lonesome ballads, all with some serious pop hooks thrown in. Adding to her intelligent songwriting is a clear and captivating voice and amazing harmonica, all richly complimenting her solid guitar playing. Amy has a number of other fine recordings under her belt, including her own original CD “Back Down” and enjoyed collaborating with the acoustic trio, the Orderlies (Beautiful You) as well as with the fun-loving all girls band, Dirty Blonde. "MAY" is Amy's 4th studio album.