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Cross Rip Women's Music Festival, Deltaville, VA

If Richmond had a women's supergroup, the SHEGULS would be it! Eileen Edmonds, Julia Dooley, Ginger Starling, Chrystie Wright, and yours truly have formed a band just for this occasion. It is kickin and this will be a super weekend - plus it's 3 days ahead of my birthday!! Camp, Kayak, lounge at the beach and soak in the tunage!

Get Social..


Hey Folks! This Saturday night, 4/27/19 - (actually Sunday am, 4/28/19 when I think about it) I'll be on TV as part of STARVA! It's a talent search kinda show and you can call in to vote for me - which I hope you do. It airs at 1:30am after Saturday Night Live in Richmond, VA. Don't feel like staying up late? Then you can watch it here:

Thanks for your support!!

Happy New Year! 

Hey Folks! We made it to 2019. That' s hard to believe. I hope this year will be full of great music and fun.

It occurs to me that I didnt post my interview from "No Depression" - check this out:

 Stay tuned! 

New Album Reviewed by No Depression! 

I have my first review of the new album! Check it out here:


CD Release Party was Amazing! 

Thanks to all who came to the Tin Pan on Saturday 1.13.18 - it was a night I will never forget. The response to the new cd is overwhelming and Im so proud of all the hard work we put into it. Take a look and share the new video, "Its My Year." Let's spread the love!!!

It's Here!! 

I have this beautiful CD in my hot little hands. I can't wait for you to hear it! I can't tell you how thankful I am to have amazing friends and the support to undertake a project like this.  I'm proud of it and I hope you are too.

As soon as it's available online, I'll put up the link - thanks!

Recording Almost Done 

The recording part is done! Now just mixing and Mastering. Stay tuned for the album release party!

Recording In Progress! 

Since the beginning of the summer, I've been at Sound of Music Studios recording either a short CD or a lengthy EP - depends on how you want to look at it, I suppose. Bunch of cool originals that I've gathered over the years - its finally time to put them down. Lots of help form Radcliffe Burt, Chris Schup, John Priestley , and Rene Carillo and even my daughter, Sadie. I hope to have it finished by the fall. Funny how hard it is to get a busy bunch of 40 somethings in the same room for 8 hours :). I cant…

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Trapezium Brewery 

Me and the boys (Rad and Rene and sometimes Priest) will be playing a monthly gig at Trapezium brewery in Petersburg, VA. Check the website dates for details. If you havent been, it is certainly worth the drive! See you there!

Its a New Year! 

Well, I had a relaxing holiday. You'll notice my calendar was a bit bare during December. That was purposeful - a much needed break and time with family and friends. Just gearing up for a fun new year full of music. Stay Tuned and Happy New Year!


Whoa - can you believe its mid november? I have to say last week was a personal blur what with the election and all. I am working through my 5000 levels of grief and will forge on by making music. I am doing some really cool stuff with VA Reporitory Theaterthese days - doing the music composition for their new "Theater for Babies" season. Its really a nice creative exploration and not like anything Ive done before. Come see us Nov 22 if you have a small baby type person in your life.:)